About me

I am passionate about helping organizations and teams improve the way they develop software; to create an enjoyable workplace where teams and customers work together closely to create working software at a sustainable pace and with a process that understands the need for frequent change and constant innovation (like Scrum).

I have a background and work experience in both software engineering (b.ec) and organisational psychology (M.Sc), which provides me with two perspectives. On the one hand, I have ample experience in translating complex customer requirements with a team of developers into working, high-quality, testable code for projects. I have worked as Scrum master (PSM-I certified), analyst, project lead, project manager, tester and as (lead) developer (C#) in teams of varying sizes. These are the 'hard parts' of software development. On the other hand, my background in organisational psychology helps me focus on the 'soft parts'; How do you train, develop and coach teams? How do you help them become high-performing? How do you promote organisational learning and continous improvement? How do you change organisational culture? What kind of leadership is required and how do you align Agility with these 'soft aspects'?

Both in- and outside my work, I enjoy bringing people together to create positive change. I do this with my company Agilistic, where I help, train and coach organizations to adopt Agile values. But I also work as a software developer, analyst and researcher. Outside my work, I do volunteer work for local church communities and have organized several large conferences (Landelijk Missionair Festival, Scrum Day Europe 2014, Kerk2013). In my free time, I read a lot (work-related literature and novels), write software, enjoy music, good movies, meeting up with friends and gaming on my X-Box. Oh, and I love writing long posts for my this blog.