Scrum Day Europe 2014: 3rd Edition

This is a re-post of the press release by, but since I'm co-organizing this conference with and Prowareness, I gladly make use of my own blog to draw attention to this wonderful event.

Scrum Day Europe has been a great and lively journey for and by the agile community and friends of Scrum. In 2012, we shared how software can indeed be created in 30 days. Last year, we expanded our discussion on extending Scrum into the Enterprise. With tremendous momentum, join us again this year at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on July 3 for our program on Evidence-Based Management.

Ken Schwaber and Gunther Verheyen will set the tone of the day sharing evidence on the State of Agile and the virtues of Evidence-Based Management for software development. Diego Lo Giudice from Forrester Research also returns this year as a keynote to share his research, data, and observations on the state of agile in the market.

Perfect for change agents, product owners, and management, you will learn to lead in terms of value measurements. Through more interactive sessions this year, take the opportunity to interact with presenters and like-minded peers who can share their experiences and lessons learned of managing software and transformation through evidence.

Learn more about the program and register by May 15 for an early bird discount. Seats, as always, are limited for this event. More information can be found at

Christiaan Verwijs
Christiaan Verwijs

Scrum Master, Trainer, Developer & founder of Agilistic