Scrum Day Europe 2014: Theme and call for papers

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I had a blast last year at the Scrum Day Europe 2013. It was an amazing opportunity to talk about Scrum and Agility Path, meet new people and exchange inspiring ideas. The Scrum community truly is a wonderful, open and friendly bunch of people. So I'm really excited about actually taking part (as a volunteer) in organizing this year's Scrum Day Europe 2014 (@ScrumDayEU on Twitter), together with and Prowareness. I will certainly write more about this event, but I would like to talk about two aspects of the upcoming event: the theme and the role of the community.

This year's theme: evidence based management

More detailed information about the Scrum Day Europe will follow soon, but this year's theme is Evidence Based Management. As you know, Scrum is essentially a form a evidence based management on the team level, while Agility Path is a framework that attempts to achieve the same at the organizational level. It's all about tackling complex problems and projects through a simple empirical process based on short feedback loops instead of trying to plan and control everything upfront. Scrum has proven that this works very well for software development projects.

But Scrum is only the vanguard in a larger movement that aims to change how organizations go about their work. The feedback cycles that work so well in Scrum are very beneficial to organizations as a whole. Less focus on planning and control, more focus on business value, empirical control and flexibility. But this requires a different mindset, different corporate culture, different kinds of leadership, different ways to reward and hire employees and different ways to make decisions. Scrum Day Europe 2014 is about these kinds of questions. So if you're interested in taking your organization to the next level, come and join us in Amsterdam in July. 

SDE2014 and the community

I already mentioned this in the introduction, but I simply love the wonderful, friendly and open community. This is highly valued by and Prowareness, so the community is given a more prominent role in this year's event. A large part of the workshop slots in the program are reserved for workshops and sessions sent in by the community. 

So if you've got something to say about evidence based management or something that's related to that (and to Scrum), we would love to hear from you. Feel free to send in a proposal through our call for papers website. Keep in mind that every workshop lasts 45 minutes and is in English. A jury (consisting of Gunther Verheyen, Tispha Barbier and myself) will handpick a number of workshops from the submissions. Don't wait too long, because the call for papers runs until March 1st. We'll take our pick before April. 

If you have questions or like to know more, feel free to drop a comment or send me an e-mail (see the Contact page). I really hope to see you there!

Christiaan Verwijs
Christiaan Verwijs

Scrum Master, Trainer, Developer & founder of Agilistic