Upgraded my blog

Welcome to my upgraded blog! I hope you like it, and that you find it more readable and friendlier for the eyes. I spent the past few weeks migrating content, files and images, so you should have little trouble reading older posts. The only part of my old blog that I couldn't migrate are the blog comments, which were too closely tied to the old platform (BlogEngine). If you run into any issues, feel free to contact me.

Why the change? Although setting up a new blog gave me a great opportunity to play with new technology (Node.JS and Azure), which is always a good reason, the primary driver for the upgrade was to link my blog more closely to my company, Agilistic. My old blog was practical and worked, but it didn't really look all that well and I found the readability, especially on smaller devices, quite problematic. An excellent reason to switch to a more modern looking blog! Although a website for Agilistic is still in the works, I want to use my blog to share experiences, lessons learned and perspectives on Scrum, Agile and Agile software development.

For those interested in the more technical details. My new blog is running on Ghost, a wonderful Node.JS-driven platform with a focus on readability and publishing. I also migrated the blog from a shared hosting environment to Azure. Yes, you're reading that correctly: this Node.JS application is running on Azure. The theme was based on an existing theme by Hayden Bleasel, but with a great number of extensions and modifications.

Drop a line or a comment if you have feedback, which is always welcome! And happy reading,

Christiaan Verwijs
Christiaan Verwijs

Scrum Master, Trainer, Developer & founder of Agilistic